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From: "robert mclaren" <>
Subject: DYS#385 a,b
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 00:15:50 -0400

I've just gotten my DYS#385a,b results back from biotik. They are 13, 11 (high, low) by the Kittler method. I am a R1b (M269+). I did this out of curosity, since I didn't expect a high, low or a low, high to be significant for me.

My other results are:

DYS#461 11
DYS#462 12
DYS#463 24
DYS#635 23
DYS#643 10

Right now I'm the only one from my project to be so tested. However, if (and when) I do get a 37/37 match, I will likely ask that person to expand to see if we still match.

Thomas -- do we have any information on whether these are fast, medium, or slow mutators?

Bob McLaren

Robert McLaren

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