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From: "Eric Olson" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Kit numbers
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 21:33:04 -0700
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Thank you all for that... I suppose "N" for National Geographic? Since I
am not the Carroll Group Administrator I didn't know that. Also I do not
know what orange tab Julia refers to. Perhaps that is not available to me
either, as I am working through a proxy, a Carroll cousin, although I am
listed as the contact person. Perhaps the group administrator will post
lineage information or contact information at FTDNA sometime soon. Is it
true that Genographic participant's test results are only posted to FTDNA at
their request to join a surname project? If so, then perhaps lineage and
contact information will show up there. It makes no sense to post test
results without them. Hopefully the Y-DNA donor has an interest in his
family genealogy.

I am one of those attempting to use Y-DNA testing to break through one of
those so-called brick walls at the Pennsylvania mountains, not to confirm an
established paper trail. If this succeeds I shall be delighted. It also
seems to me that the bulk of FTDNA participants to date are American. The
Genographic Project seems to be casting a much wider net.

Eric Olson

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Subject: Re: [DNA] Kit numbers

> Eric,
> Here's an excerpt from Max Blankfeld's 2 June 2005 email to FTDNA Group
> Administrators: "All new members coming from Genographic will have a
> preceded by the letter N." Thanks,
> Phil
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> Subject: [DNA] Kit numbers
> What lab would use a kit number like N3016? And perform the same 12
> panel as FTD?
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