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Subject: Re: [DNA] Study : Melungeon, Taliaferro, Bledsoe, etc
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 23:29:37 -0500
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Subject: Re: [DNA] Study : Melungeon, Taliaferro, Bledsoe, etc

> Hello, Listers: I am looking for information. My reference is packed away,
> awaiting a move. Years ago I read that the Melungeons were a people
> sharply localized to an area on/near the Kentucky-Tennessee border who
> were thought to be Indian and/or African, but had a language that was
> neither and eventually identified as Semitic. In/near the same area,
> Phoenician artifacts had been discovered. I do not know how Taliaferro got
> into the discussion, but my own 17th century Taliaferro ancestor was from
> England (paper trail) and I always thought his ancestors were probably
> 16th century Huguenot immigrants to England from the South of France. His
> name, originally Taliaferro, was changed to Tolliver when he lived in
> Virginia (paper trail). Jack Goins' Thomas Bledsoe of NC was probably a
> descendant of the Orange County, Va Bledsoes. Their ancestor William
> Bledsoe was thought to be English. Is it possible the term "melungeon"
> became a derogatory term and spread to refer to any people of mixed race
> and that many "melungeons" were not really of the small ethnic group
> mentioned above which had the Semitic language? DNA should help answer
> this question. EGT
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