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Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 00:04:03 -0500
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I am told about the same thing by FTDNA. So it appears that the whole R*
haplogroup is
going to take some SNP new discoveries to define, key-out the new
hierarchical sub-clades
of haplgroup R*.

Guess, I was born twenty years to soon. However, hope that FTDNA-UofA, you
and Jim will
have some news soon on R*.


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Jim spent quite a bit of time with Chris Tyler - Smith looking for R1b SNPs
but with little success. As we all know it is a hard nut to crack. We have
the various published subclade primers relating to the 2005 Phylogenetic
Chart, plus a new one recently discovered by a Lister .............. I just
don't know how many more are there to be found - those that will offer some
regional provenance or something tangible. There are p49a,f tests that
could be offered, but almost all Western Europeans are of the same
haplotype. Various minisatellites hold some promise and we will be
investigating them over the coming months as part of our R&D work. Perhaps
someone will beat us to the punch - thats ok, competition is a good thing,
but if they knocked us out of business then went belly up themselves,
genetic genealogists would be back at square one.

David F.

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> David..
> I know that you and Jim are really pushing the envelope here with
> these new primers and sub-clade tests...and awaiting new annnouncements
> from you regarding this.
> Most of the men in my projects that do have matches are getting
> discouraged...and then they match on YSEARCH to an entirely
> different SURNAME.
> For example,7 of our Stephens men matched on 37 markers to Vaughans and we
> believe they might be one and the genetic lineage. They are all
> generic R1b (SNP verified), but would like to go to the next sub-clade
> down to see if they all match on the sub-clade SNPs...
> If they match on these SNPS, then we could then say with more confidence
> that the Vaughans and Stephens were probably the same genetic lineage...
> So hope that you progress here spurs the other guys to think about
> offering the same SNP tests to their customers.
> Lord knows, STRS are revolutionary tools, but beyond a 1000 years ago
> we come to a screeching halt with our SNPS offer the only
> door back to the past.
> As always, thanks...
> Bill

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