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From: Mary Jo Neyer <>
Subject: Roman invasion; slaves and DNA
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 08:49:08 -0400

Dear Joan,

This is fascinating. It is also interesting that the discoveries
center around the palace at Fishbourne. This is so like the Romnan
Villas along the Bay of Naples that there has been a lot of speculation
about who built it, and what relationship he had with the Roman
authorities. What a propaganda job by Claudius!
Miles, to whom I referred earlier, talks in detail about the national
background of the various Roman units stationed at different times in
Britain. He also highlights the important slave markets in Britain and
in Europe. The amount of sales, especially of women, means that
mitochondrial DNA is extremely mixed. Add to that the Roman practice of
exposing girls babies for death and we have a very difficult pattern to
Mary Jo

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