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From: Allen Blancett <>
Subject: How to See/Show Family Migration
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 14:57:42 -0400

Can anybody point me to software configured to allow me to show
locations of individual and family events that were documented as the
family branched and migrated cross-country? Ideally it would be
genealogical software that would automatically generate a time-sequence
pictorial representation of migration based on the database entries of
individual(s), event, location, and date. In my attempts to construct
possible linkages of several lines that show 37-marker matches and near
matches, I'm trying to visualize how the paper trails might point back
over the brick wall to a likely common ancestor consistent with the DNA

Conceptually it seems that such software is bound to exist in other
fields, such as epidemiology where the sleuths can back-track from
patterns of spread of flu, or plague, or ebola, etc. to get to the most
likely source. I'm hoping such a tool exists for our use and I'm just
not aware of it. I don't relish the notion of re-entering lots of data
already residing in my FTW files.

Allen Blancett

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