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From: "Dra. Ana Oquendo Pabón, MD"<>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Spencer Wells about Jefferson's Haplogroup
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 23:31:31 -0400
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Hello, Dienekes:

Interestingly, we have only one estimated K in our large yDNA group.
His paternal ancestor is definitely from Spain but from region is
unknown. Many of those passing through to the Indies and arriving on the
island came from Castile, Galicia, Valencia, the Basque country,
Catalonia which are all mentioned in the article. Passengers departed
from the important ports of Cadíz (K2 frequency is 10.7) and San Lúcar
de Barrameda. His markers are (FTDNA order):

13 22 14 10 13 16 11 12 11 14 13 29

He had no Haplogroup matches at zero, one and two steps. His closest
matches at 3 steps were a K (Arab, Syria) and a K* (Askenazi-Levite)].
At 4 steps a K (Askenazi), K2 (England), and an O2 (Chinese minority).
In the REO, he has only two matches, both two steps. One is from
England, the other is an unknown origin.

When I did a phylogenetic chart awhile back, he was smack dab in the
middle by his lonesome, separating the majority R1b haplotypes from the
E3a, E3b, I and J haplotypes. Almost looked like he was anchoring the
branches of both sides. You can see the diagram here:


Dienekes Pontikos wrote:

>Haplogroup K2 is found at substantial frequencies in several Spanish
>populations. A simple explanation may be that he was descended from a
>On 6/28/05, Max Blankfeld <> wrote:
>>Spencer Wells asked me to bring to you his following remarks related to
>>Jefferson's Haplogroup:

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