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From: Kenny Hedgpeth <>
Subject: Re: More OT - Mail clients
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 23:37:03 -0700

Glen -

I don't think that I have heard of this one yet, or just over looked it
: / perhaps the individual is using Earthlink's webmail for posting and
or replying to various messages ... while on-line

I personally download my mail to my machine with Netscape to read and
reply to, from there ...

occasionally I do use the webmail to scan through and or read a few
messages on my lunch break from work ... but seldom do I reply or post
from there :)

reading the digest mail [while in webmail] from various RW List(s) is
still a bit of a head ache :/ but can be done with an extra step or two

HOT TIP for the day ... for those fellow earthlinker's on this List :)
when clicking on a digest mailing in webmail [when the message is open,
and you see all of those "attachments"] look over to the top right,
above the "move" button ... click on that "View Email Source" ... tada!
all the "attachments" will be seen within the message body as normal text :)

like Ernie ... I am as happy as a clam, to have what I got :)

Ken -

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Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 17:06:51 -0600
From: "Glen Todd" <>
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Subject: More OT - Mail clients
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Apparently Earthlink's proprietary mail client is brain-damaged; the 'Reply
To" setting is locked and cannot be turned off. (I guess that they feel
that their customers shouldn't be using mailing lists.) I just downloaded
a copy, installed it on a test machine, and went through it. Apparently
if you're replying to somebody that's using Earthlink Mailbox, you have to
either hit 'Reply All' and manually delete the individual address, or copy
the mailing list address over it.


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