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From: "ernest hurst" <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] Re: More OT - Mail clients
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 05:01:10 -0400

Hi Ken

Wish I knew how your's is set up - clicking on "reply" addressed this to
the list, not to you personally.

You're right about my being happy with earthlink. Early on after I retired
(6 years ago), I tried a couple of the "free" ISPs & e-mail, but not for
long. I settled on using MSN, because it was easy & I was familiar with it
- that's what I had at work. Then, after a year or two, I started getting
"hotmail spam" which seemed to increase exponentially every week After it
got up to 50+ spams a day, I decided to switch to Earthlink about 3 to 4
years ago & no more spam. Since then they've improved system & I've
"tightened" my settings. Nothing gets into my "in box" if name is not in my
address book. If its known spam it goes in "spam" folder, which I can read
or not (always not). If it's not in my book, but not known spam, it goes in
"suspect mail", which I do check whenever I see anything there, and sends a
message back to sender asking for verification.. A lot of "suspect mail" is
spam, some is from listers who don't pay attention to the "To" block before
sending their e-mail & occasionally from some legitimate correspondent who
isn't on my list - that's why I check "suspect mail".

I'm sure there are better services, but I don't have time, need or ability
to find them & definitely am not a computer guru. When I was still working,
I had 3 guys with CNE/MCSE reporting to me, who could experiment or fix
anything that I "blew up". Now it's just me, so I'm going to stick with
what I've become familiar with.

Now, we probably need to shut up about our e-mail choices, or Jim will shut
us up!


Ernie Hurst

> [Original Message]
> From: Kenny Hedgpeth <>
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> Date: 6/29/2005 2:38:34 AM
> Subject: [DNA] Re: More OT - Mail clients
> Glen -
> I don't think that I have heard of this one yet, or just over looked it
> : / perhaps the individual is using Earthlink's webmail for posting and
> or replying to various messages ... while on-line
> I personally download my mail to my machine with Netscape to read and
> reply to, from there ...
> occasionally I do use the webmail to scan through and or read a few
> messages on my lunch break from work ... but seldom do I reply or post
> from there :)
> reading the digest mail [while in webmail] from various RW List(s) is
> still a bit of a head ache :/ but can be done with an extra step or two
> ....
> HOT TIP for the day ... for those fellow earthlinker's on this List :)
> when clicking on a digest mailing in webmail [when the message is open,
> and you see all of those "attachments"] look over to the top right,
> above the "move" button ... click on that "View Email Source" ... tada!
> all the "attachments" will be seen within the message body as normal text
> like Ernie ... I am as happy as a clam, to have what I got :)
> Ken -
> hdpth-DNA
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> Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 17:06:51 -0600
> From: "Glen Todd" <>
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> Subject: More OT - Mail clients
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> Apparently Earthlink's proprietary mail client is brain-damaged; the
> To" setting is locked and cannot be turned off. (I guess that they feel
> that their customers shouldn't be using mailing lists.) I just
> a copy, installed it on a test machine, and went through it. Apparently
> if you're replying to somebody that's using Earthlink Mailbox, you have to
> either hit 'Reply All' and manually delete the individual address, or copy
> the mailing list address over it.
> Glen
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