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From: "Phil Goff" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] R1b match in Fortineux Project?
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 05:40:17 -0500
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Anybody out there with R1b experience? My two participants match on 22
markers. The remaining three markers are one-step mismatches:

Kit 33862 Kit 34434

DYS390 23 24
DYS392 13 14
DYS464d 17 18

While we can't deduce the ancestral values for these three markers without a
third participant, it seems that any combination would mean that one
participant has a genetic distance of one and the other participant has a
genetic distance of two, which would seem reasonable for two men with a
common ancestor born in about 1650. For example, if the Jonas Fortineux
ancestral haplotype was 24.13.18 for these three markers, kit #33862 has a
genetic distance of two and kit #34434 has a genetic distance of one.

Is it reasonable to conclude that these two men, with variants of the same
surname and a paper trail to Jonas Fortineux (b ca1650) are in fact
genetically descended from Jonas Fortineux? Or is it a stretch to
"triangulate" when one is missing the third corner of a triangle. In this
case, might that third corner be the similar surname and the paper trail. I
would be grateful for anyone with some knowledge of R1b to offer an opinion.

Phil Goff

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Subject: [DNA] R1b match in Fortineux Project?

> 33862 and 34434 > 22 of 25 markers match, with one-step mistmatches at
> 390, 392 and 464d. There are 17 births that led to these two participants
> and it seems to me that these two men share a common ancestor in a
> genealogically relevant timeframe.

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