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From: "Ken Nordtvedt" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Free the P38
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 11:11:25 -0600
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The SNP indicated by Dennis does show a cluster of "C" states (I assume they
are the derived state) around the YCC haplotypes which are in the haplogroup
I location in Butler's list of example haplotypes. That is what would be
expected for P38; the I1a and I1b haplotypes would show the derived state.
The I1c haplotype which I know is in that Butler list (but obviously not so
labeled) would not show the P38 derived state; that is connected to the
reason FTDNA has renamed that haplogroup I2. But strangely, just as Dennis
posted his message, all his sites are down, at least from my internet

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Subject: RE: [DNA] Free the P38

> Dennis:
> What would lead you to believe that this is P38? I see nothing that would
indicate that all this cryptic stuff contains this SNP. Why doesn't the
author simply publish the sequence and call it what it is. We are expected
to have a crystal ball? I hope you are correct Dennis and if so we will
create the primers. Surely Dr. Hammer is not that secretive, it is simply
that we have not located the reference which provides a clear indication
with enough material that we can string together a set of bases into
> Thanks for your suggestion and I will see what Jim has to say. I guess
writing Dr. Hammer is one possible solution ........................ but we
don't have to go on a safari to find the sequences for M242 or most other
primers with an M designation.
> David F.
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> > David F,
> >
> > The "Free the P38" protestors would be rebels without a cause.
> >
> > Please have Jim take a look at this paper:
> >
> >
> >
> > I believe that you'll find that P38 is the YSNP listed in the table on
> > p.1498 in ARSDP at position 60363.
> >
> > Dennis Garvey
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