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From: "Ken Nordtvedt" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Free the P38
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 13:05:52 -0600
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Interesting thing concerning the two added "A" states shown for YCC63 which
is essentially my haplotype --- not really, but very close.

My report from Trace says "A at P30 so positive for P30, and T at P40 so
positive for marker P40". Hammer's paper shows the two "A" states.
Something does not fit here? Maybe I am not I1a1 but just I1a?

I also see a typo error in Butler. YCC72 and YCC74 have identical states in
Hammer paper. Yet Butler calls one I1b (P37) and the other just I1 (P38)


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Subject: Re: [DNA] Free the P38

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> > Ann, Is there another name for "position 922 of clone 3=11" that us
> > laypeople might recognize?
> >
> No, I'm just reading it off the same table that Dennis used to suggest
> P38 could be identified, page 1498 of this citation. Dennis may have used
> additional resources, which is why I asked how he figured P38 out.
> the YCC63 sample, which is labeled P40, in the 2002 tree has two mutations
> the ARSDP pseudo-gene, so my reading of that table would mean we still
> know the SNP that defines P40. I may not be interpreting this correctly --
> await further enlightenment :)
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