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From: Doug McDonald <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] A Convergence Between Haplogroup A Towards the AMH
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 08:33:56 -0500
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Russ _ wrote:

> I just noticed a Haplogroup A just 4 mutation markers away from the
> AMH. The vast majority of the matches at FTDNA for the AMH, even at 4
> mutations at 12 markers, are all R1b. There are a few R1a's and R1's
> and one O2, but haplogroup A is separated by 60,000 - 80,000 years.
> What does this suggest about the convergent rates of these haplotypes?
> And if one's haplotype matches the AMH (12 marker) perfectly and the
> WAMH (25 marker) by two mutations, is there any reason to get a SNP test?

The meaning of this depends where you found it.

If it is Ysearch, it means a boo-boo by the person who entered it.

If it is the FTDNA page itself, it means an astounding convergence,
or just perhaps, a 10831 test that somehow got put by mistake in A
when it really is R1a ... they are the same result.

Doug McDonald

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