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From: Bonnie Schrack <>
Subject: mtDNA Haplogroups W, N, & others in Palanichamy
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 13:27:48 -0400

Doug wrote:

>See the graphs in Palanichami, et. al. "Phylogeny of Mitochondrial DNA
>Macrohaplogroup N in India, Based
>on Complete Sequencing: Implications for the Peopling of South Asia"
>in Am. J. Hum. Genetics (2004)
All of Doug's references to "the Palanichami paper" finally sank in. I
had a little trouble accessing it for some reason, but at last I have
it, and I'm stunned that this could have escaped me. I wish Doug or
someone else could have told the list a little more about it before
now! What a find. It has comprehensive phylogenetic diagrams of the
mtDNA haplogroups within supergroup N -- the detail is such that, in
tiny print, they cover 4 pages (divided into overall N, European R, U,
and Indian R).

The team, from China and India, with the participation of Hans-Jürgen
Bandelt, was able to uncover many errors in previous mtDNA studies and
phylogenetic trees, including Finnila's, although hers doesn't seem to
have had many problems compared to others.

The diagrams of haplogroups W and others within supergroup N should help
enormously in clarifying the recent questions that have come up. I
wonder whether folks at FTDNA have studied this?

I would apply the information to Margaret's and other cases right now,
but I am feeling a bit under the weather today and need to rest up a
bit. Soon I hope to say more! And I think I'll post some excerpts from
the diagrams on my website.

Just a quick note: the correct spelling of the author's name is
Palanichamy, which may help those who wish to find it online.

Bonnie Schrack

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