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From: Robert Stafford <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Converting Sorensen markers to FTDNA values
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 13:11:14 -0700 (PDT)
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It appears you are asking about the "no data" entries on the following page. Whenever it says no data for FTDNA, use whatever is under Relative Genetics to go from FTDNA to SMGF and the opposite, of course, to go the other way.

Bob Stafford

M True <> wrote:
Dear list,

Another dopey question I'm afraid from yours truly!

I am trying to convert the marker values I obtained from Sorensen into FTDNA values. On the Sorensen site they say there is not enough information for them to be able to give a conversion.

Does anyone know if any of the other labs give conversion values from Sorensen to FTDNA for the following:

DYS Sorensen value
441 13
444 12
445 13
446 12
452 30
461 11
462 11
463 25
GGAAT1B07 10

Also YGATAH4 appears to be 12 in Sorensen speak but 11 in FTDNA speak.

Are the labs working towards all using the same reporting conventions for all markers?

Using the unconverted Sorensen values along with my FTDNA values Whit's new Haplogroup predictor my R1b score has dropped slightly.
E3a = 2
E3b = 4
G = 1
I1a = 4
I1b = 3
I1c = 2
J2 = 20 NaN
R1a = 19
R1b = 58 NaN
N3 = 0

What does "NaN" mean?

Finally my 452 value at Sorensen is 30 but the new haplogroup predictor only allows marker values between 10 and 17?

Thanks for your help.

John Eckersley.

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