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From: "George Strawbridge" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] mtDNA test/Direct Female line Native American Ancestry
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 15:36:59 -0700
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Thank you very much Jim! George

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Subject: RE: [DNA] mtDNA test/Direct Female line Native American Ancestry

> George,
> Your mtDNA would come from your mother's mother, Minnie Brenot, not from
> Edmund Bailey's daughter. Elisha Cook had his mother's mtDNA, but since
> males don't pass mtDNA to their children, none of his descendants have the
> Edmund daughter's mtDNA.
> To get the mtDNA of the Bailey daughter, the sample would have to come
> a person with an all-female line back to her, her sister, or a sister of
> mother.
> You said that there are no Cooks available for Y-DNA tests that go back to
> Isaac. So are you saying that none of the three--Francis, Elisha, or
> Isaac--had any brothers who left male Cook descendants? Even if that is
> case, you might find descendants of an earlier generation of Cooks (before
> Isaac). Keep in mind, however, to be meaningful for genealogical
> a single Y-DNA test provides little information. It must be compared to
> other male descendants in the Cook line.
> You are correct that your Y-DNA comes from your paternal (Strawbridge)
> It's pretty straight forward: Y-DNA comes from an all-male line and mtDNA
> comes from an all-female line. Only males have Y-DNA. Both males &
> have mtDNA from their mother, but only the females pass it on to their
> children.
> Jim Bullock
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> Subject: Re: [DNA] mtDNA test/Direct Female line Native American Ancestry
> Janet Crain re Melinda question: I have a similar situation, My
> GGgrandfather, Isaac Cook,
> m daughter of Edmund Bailey, who may have m a Cherokee. Son Elisha Cook m
> Elizabeth
> Nowell in MO., their son Francis Marion Cook m Minnie Brenot, full French,
> 1889, theird,
> Maggie Grace Cook, was my mother. I know very very little about DNA. If I
> were tested
> mtDNA would that reflect my GGGgrandmothers blood line? As there are no
> living male
> Cooks available to test for Isaac, would this help to identify him? My
> strictly Strawbridge?
> Maggie G Cook m Harry Strawbridge in 1917, his line came from Yorkshire
> think)
> Joseph Strawbridge v 1750, his son, Joseph b 24 JUN 1773, probably Fawn
> Tnshp, York
> Co, PA. Thomas Clarkson Strawbridge b 1 AUG 1820 in Hopewell, PA. To IN
> m
> Susan Williams, Wayne Co., IN, my Grandfather, William T. Strawbridge b
> 1843, Wayne
> Co., IN. My father, Harry, b Whittier 1888. I b 01 JAN 1921 Whittier,
> Calif.
> What a mess! George E. Strawbridge, Atwater, Calif.
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