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Subject: RE: [DNA] Hammer's SNP Derived States for YCC haplotypes
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 23:14:06 -0500
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David and Ken..

Think some November questions on these two charts are in order...

Perhaps some answers can be found about the new SNP/sub-clades
in the 2005 chart..

Personally, I have been waiting almost 11 months for the deep level
SNP tests to begin..


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Subject: Re: [DNA] Hammer's SNP Derived States for YCC haplotypes


I went to the YCC site (operated by the U of Arizona), knowing that last
year at the FTDNA (U of Arizona) Conference we were given 2005 Phylogenetic
Charts. The site has not been revised since 2002 - a lot has happened in
the last 3 years. I can find no reference to the 2005 version any longer,
even on the FTDNA website. Fortunately I have my copy framed and we are
using it as a guide to the various subclades as they are now understood -
but that lack of availablity of information puzzles me. It is diffiucult to
discuss the latest thinking in subclade structure when there is no recent
data that we can access. I better see if Butler and NIST have more current
data that the public can access - where is all the current stuff?

David F.

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> Did anyone out there download or look at Hammer's Table of SNP derived
> for the YCC haplotypes? Dennis Garvey called our attention to this Hammer
> yesterday. I would like to discuss what I am reading in that table with
> who has or can look at it.
> Ken

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