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From: "Cynthia Aucoin" <>
Subject: Need an opinion
Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2005 10:58:41 -0400

I would greatly appreciate it if someone on the list would read the following scenario and tell me if my analysis is OK:

I have 2 brothers, b. mid 1650's New England, and I have 2 descendant haplotypes for each brother.
Paper trail is very solid.
This gives me 4 haplotypes in all - a matched pair for each brother.
Each one, within a pair, compares 100% with the other in the pair.

In comparing these *brother haplotypes* against each other, they differ:

Brother A
DYS 389/1 and 389/2 = 13, 29
DYS 464 a,b,c,d = 14,16,16,17

Brother B
DYS 389/1 and 389/2 = 14, 30
DYS 464 a,b,c,d = 14,16,16,18

Can this be true?

Then, I have another candidate, with no paper trail of any use, except that he shares a surname with all. He compares 100% with Brother B, except for:

His DYS 449 = 26
Bro. B. DYS 449 = 27

Is he a Brother C, or does he belong with Brother B, or neither?

Cindy in VB

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