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From: "Ken Nordtvedt" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] upgrading after a 25 marker test
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2005 09:16:46 -0600
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We must remember that Sorenson did not create their database to check other
labs for mistakes. Nor did they create their database to give us a channel
for acquiring knowledge of our own 43 marker haplotype for free --- though
that is an ultimate consequence of the whole process. The purpose of
gathering the haplotypes is to do research toward eventually being able to
pinpoint ancestral origins of individual haplotypes.

They are gathering volunteered dna materials from all over the world and
measuring not only ydna markers, but a large number of autosomal markers. I
believe our y-haplotypes are going into the public database as quickly as
budget permits. In the year I have used the Sorenson y-haplotype database,
I have noticed the increased contributions from such places as Eastern
Europe, for example. It remains the most useful research tool I have found,
especially for investigations in y-haplogroup "I" which has a substantial
population in Scandinavia.


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Subject: RE: [DNA] upgrading after a 25 marker test

>I find Sorenson's aversion to reporting actual results,
>instead of just 'match'/'mismatch' to be detrimental to
>doing any serious haplogroup research.

Another problem with Sorenson is that it currently takes them
8-10 months to test your DNA and put the results on their
website. If it weren't for that delay, I'd recommend that
everyone who tests their DNA at another lab also send their DNA
to Sorenson. It's a free way to check whether the lab might
have made a mistake.

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