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From: (David Faux)
Subject: Ethnoancestry: Launch of Partial Offering of Y-SNPs
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 14:19:58 +0000

Good day fellow List members:

As some of you know, Dr. Jim Wilson (who coined the term "Atlantic Modal Haplotype") and I have overlapping interests (e.g., the Northern Isles of Scotland) and are collaborating on a number of genetic research projects. We also resolved to cooperate in the development of a new biogeographic test using STR technology. Ultimately this association has led to the formation of two corporations, Ethnoancestry Ltd. in the UK, and Ethnoancestry USA Inc. in California. Our laboratory is located at the University of London, England.

We are very pleased to begin phasing in our product offerings (to allow our lab time to gear up to an increased throughput). Our company will be focusing on Y-SNPs, mtDNA subclade testing, and biogeographical testing. To kick things off we will offer world-wide haplogroup testing (similar to the products presently available via two other companies), a focused Native American SNP test, and a Haplogroup "I" test. The latter test should be considered as a preliminary test to which other SNPs will be offered as the primers are developed (a number are being put through their paces now).

Over the upcoming days, weeks and months we will offer our R1b and R1a subgroup tests (all primers are ready and field tested), and a haplogroup J test (the primers are in the test phase). Ultimately minisatellite, p49a,f and other tests will emerge as we pour more resources into research and development. Unfortunately I am unable to provide a timetable for all these events.

This is my one permitted announcement complying with Rootsweb rules and regulations. Short announcements of the availablity of new products will be made as circumstances dictate. Our website URL is

Thank you very much to all who have offered encouragement and assistance, particularly our 14 "beta testers", as we sought to bring this new venture to fruition.

Best wishes,


Dr. David K. W. Faux
Ethnoancestry USA, Inc.
4141 Ball Road #180
Cypress, CA 90630 USA

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