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From: John Carr <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] New SNP and Haplogroup tests
Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2005 16:01:31 -0700
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On Jul 16, 2005, at 11:16 AM, William Hurst wrote:

> John Carr wrote:
>> ......Even FTDNA has halted their mt-H test
>> (verified by e-mail with them) until they can get a better handle on
>> how to obtain more reliable results.
> Really? I just logged in as my H cousin and his order form still
> includes
> the test.
> Bill Hurst
Same with my project member, it still says mid May after being slipped
twice, which is I why I queried FTDNA. Bennett

"This test has been for us much more science then we thought and 
while I'd like to drop the test as not worth it (commercially) my
partners want to keep it running because it offers a level of science
that no one in the world is offering, but no one ever said that real
discovery science would be easy."

That's why we love FTDNA, they put a lot into this for us.

The FTDNA office staff also responded

" We do not have an expectant date, because the testing was put on
hold, and there was not a way to show an expectant date. 

This is not about just his sample. This is the case for all samples
taking the mt-H test.

> The mt-H can sometimes show the sub clade of the haplogroup, through
> SNP testing, however, there has not been a wealth of success. Many
> customers are not matching any of the subclades that can be tested for
> using the SNP test in mtDNA."

John Carr

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