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From: Gary Felix <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Confirmed I1c
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2005 11:37:23 -0700 (PDT)
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I just ordered the M284 and P38 tests. I understand that David has said P38 can be tested. Since this is not an option on the website currently, I suspect it will be updated soon. I noted what SNP's I wanted in the comments section.

Mexico DNA Project Admin.

Ken Nordtvedt <> wrote:
Gary, One of the main reasons I contacted you about Ethnoancestry's P38
test is that you are one of the very few, maybe the only, I1c haplotype who
has a M223+ confirmation. So your result for P38 one way or the other would
be definitive to everybody about whether I1c belongs in I2 or not.

A reason for having I1c people with Iberian ancestry do M284 test is that it
conceivably could be regional. The professor who gave me the M284+ sample
to have a haplotype measured said the owner of the haplotype believed his
paternal ancestry was "Basque". I don't know if any of the tested
M223+,M284- haplotypes by Rootsi et al were from Iberia?

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Subject: [DNA] Confirmed I1c

> List, I have just been confirmed M223 positive, I1c by Trace Genetics. We
have 4 other likely I1c (haplo. I with 12 at marker 392 and 14 or 15 at 393)
in the Mexico DNA project. This represents almost 10% of a sample of 53 of
those with ancestors in Mexico. This is a link to haplogroup distributions
in Iberia
> Gary
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