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From: "Jernigan Jacqueline" <>
Subject: Confused about HVR2 results-new at this
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 11:46:32 -0400
References: <008401c58c6b$322545e0$1002a8c0@Sharon> <000901c58c6f$95fb4ca0$5a579045@Ken1> <>

I recently took the mtDNA test as part of the Genographic project and was
assigned haplogroup J as a result of the three numbers 16069T, 16126C, and

By doing just a little online searching I was able to guess that I was
probably J1 rather than J2 based on similar participants, but I wanted to
know my HVRT2 results, so ordered the refining test.

Others list markers that I wasn't given for HVRT2--theirs are in numbers
such as 00073G, 00263G, etc., but under my HVR2 reference sequence, Family
Tree DNA only lists letters for me, as: (at 10) GATCACAGGT; (at 20):
CTATCACCCT--and on to 560, without any minuses or red or green additions.

The only use I have from doing the refining test is that I am now officially
in the J1 haplogroup, which I had already guessed anyway.

I don't know how to interpret all these letters.

While I do have in the HVR1study, 9 matches with others in the Family Tree
matching service, there are no matches of combined HVR1 and 2. Is this

Please tell me how I might use the new information I have received. I was
rather hopeful I would find out a little more, and I am disappointed.

Thanks--I'm obviously new at this, but I would very much like to learn more.

Jackie Jernigan

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