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Subject: Re: [DNA] biogeography, zoogeography, anthrogeography
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 10:14:32 -0700
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Subject: Re: [DNA] biogeography, zoogeography, anthrogeography

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> > To me, the tandem phrases you mention are redundant. Biogeography *is*
> > study of the geographic origins of animals, that is their geographic
> > history.
> I see I was too vague/imprecise in conveying my mindset on my original
> where I wrote "I notice they [authors of the article mentioning Marligen]
> the 'biogeographic' word, so it's taking hold. I have the impression that
> DNAPrint coined that word, but it would take some serious Googling to
track that
> down."
> I was harking back to a post by David Faux, who raised the issue of
> DNAH's use of the word biogeographic for a Y-SNP test would be confusing
> people who are used to seeing that word in the DNAPrint context of an
> test called "Biogeographical Ancestry." It's really the phrase that I
wanted to
> track down.
> So far, I haven't found anything earlier than 2000 (Scirus & Google
> with date limitations). It was in a paper by Shriver's group at Penn State
> University. Shriver is affiliated with DNAPrint, so that's possibly the
origin of
> the phrase. ("Biogeographic origins," on the other hand, seems to be an
> and broader phrase.)
> So the question still remains -- should we try to reserve the phrase for
> autosomal tests? We already have an example of using a word ("haplotype"
for Y-STR
> results) in a more restricted fashion than the wider world does. The
> abstract and DNAH are using the word biogeographic for what we would call
> haplogroups. The Genographic Project is also placing more emphasis on the
> geographic aspects of DNA tests. Biogeographic is actually more
descriptive and
> user-friendly than haplogroups, so I would propose that we need to start
> what kind of biogeographic test when we talk about it, and not assume that
> always refers to the DNAPrint approach.
> Ann Turner
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