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Subject: DNA Storage
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 17:39:46 EDT

The article describes some advantages of the FTA method for DNA preservation
in large-scale studies. FTA is also available at the consumer level in the
form of cards for buccal swabs -- in fact, that's what I was offering in my DNA
Filer kits a while back. Samples can be stored indefinitely at room
temperature, under your control. The swish-and-spit DNA collection method does yield
larger quantities of long-molecular weight DNA for short term use, but it needs to
be processed and frozen for long term storage.

Although I am no longer selling the DNA Filer kits myself, because I found a
reasonably priced alternative, I maintain my old website with some more
background information. The "order" page has a link to the least expensive kit I can
find currently listed -- if anyone finds another source, I'd be pleased to
add it to the website.

We often lament the lost opportunity of speaking with family members who have
passed away -- I can't help but think that obtaining DNA samples falls in the
same category of things we mean to do "someday" until it's too late.

Ann Turner

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