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From: "Steven C. Perkins" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] DNA matches - Names not: Perkins
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2005 23:27:31 -0500
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In the Perkins study there are 19 people with 37 marker results. There are
three persons limiting their matches to Perkins only so they can be
disregarded for this question.

A group of 10 (includes one of the three above) who are hg I match each
other and no other names at any level 12, 25, or 37.

Two persons have 15 matches at 12, 1 Perkins and the others different
names. At 25 they match each other and 1 Brewton. The Brewton does not
have a 37 marker result, so we don't know if he would match them at 37.

One person has 35 matches at 12 markers. 5 of them have 37 marker results,
but he has no matches at 25 or 37 markers, he is hg R1b.

One has 4 matches at 12 but no 25 or 37 marker matches.

One person has 8 matches at 25, 6 Perkins and 1 Hall and 1 Lackey. They
both have 37 marker results but do not match him at 37. He has no matches
at 37.

My 3rd cousin and I are 2 steps apart. He has 9 37 marker matches, 1 with
me, 6 McDonald, 1 MacInnes, 1 McCain. He also has several McAllister
matches, but they went private.

I have 28 37 marker matches, 1 Perkins, the rest McDonald, McAllister,
McKane, McCain, McDaniel, May, Faulk, Fulton, Brandon, Robertson, West,
Gordon, McNeill. There is another Perkins in Sorenson along with many
Scandinavian names.

I find the group of 10 interesting, They represent two immigrants to MA
and NH and may be the descendants of Peter Morley alias Perkins.

In my line Edward Perkins had 3 sons. So far we only have samples from two
sons of one of Edward's sons, John Perkins, b 1651, in New Haven. Until we
can find descendants of his brothers, Jonathan and David, we can not say
that our haplotype is the haplotype of Edward Perkins of New Haven.


Steven C. Perkins

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