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From: Kenny Hedgpeth <>
Subject: Truth be known ...
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2005 02:16:13 -0700

Greetings Folk's -

We seem to need to set the record straight and give credit where credit
is due :)

But first let me say a couple of things, and please hear me out [without
latching onto something out of context] ... Facts are facts ... we all
come from different walks in life, we all do not think the same on every
single issue, we don't all learn at the same speed nor do we have the
same learning habits either ... dumming down or smaller sound bites are
just stepping stones ... those that are more excelled [either by
interest or background] tend to blend into one subject matter or another
easier than others ... personalities are hard to change [if ever in some
cases] ...

those that have been on this Rootsweb List here for any length of time
... and are adamant about this "one List and one List only", are only
looking at the issue from their point of view ... they are not comparing
what the List was like when they first subscribed, to what the List has
evolved into today ... you have grown in knowledge and so has the List
... technical issues being discussed today at length, where hardly even
thought about by most of us just a year or two ago ... now we got
subscriber's joining this List with us today that haven't gone through
the steps most of us have been exposed to and or trying to digest over
the past one, two and three years in some cases ... those that don't
look back, know not from where they came from :)

Now for those who had the notion that Ann Turner [the former List Mom
here] that she had opposed or obstructed the formation of another DNA
mailing List ... you have a slightly faulty impression of this
wonderful lady :) Ann's only position [as she has stated publicly] was
that she would not impose an arbitrary splitting of the RW DNA List ...
and that all are welcome here :)

Truth be known ... Ann Turner contacted me privately with the suggestion
and asked what role ISOGG could play in the forming of a DNA-Newbie List
:) well after skimming through the recent RW DNA digest mailings ...
and seeing that the topic of a newbie List reared it's head once again
:) good, bad or indifferent "the bull needed to be taken by the horns"
:) Launching into action, a few of us ISOGG founding members kicked it
around [brain storming just a bit], and as Katherine Borges had stated
in a previous message posted here ... The ISOGG society's mission
statement "is to advocate for and educate about the use of genetics as a
tool for genealogical research, and promote a supportive network for
genetic genealogists." So in order to live up to our mission, we opened
the Newbie DNA forum to help bridge the gap on a yahoo group site ...

Hopefully we can foster an environment that newbie's will feel more
comfortable in and ask their newbie questions freely without being
intimidated and or overwhelm by things too technical for them at the
moment, as they grow in knowledge ... I don't claim to know it all by
any stretch, and sure could use the help of those who wish to stop by
periodically in disseminating the info Newbie's are really
looking/searching for ... in those early steps ... sort of like letting
the seedlings germinate before planting them :)

Ken -

List co-moderator of the NEW
DNA-Newbie yahoo group

member of ISOGG
the International Society of Genetic Genealogy

note: like a smile .... genealogical [DNA] kindness causes a chain
reaction :)

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