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From: "Daniel Jenkins" <>
Subject: Lincoln
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2005 11:35:22 +0000


I think Abraham Lincoln has been so well researched that any further
entertainment of the Enloe theory should be ended. Mr. Solomon Lincoln of
Hingham , Mass. a cousin of Abraham wrote in the 1865 Register of the NEHGS[
vol. 19, pages 357 onward], that he had in his possession a letter from
Abraham,[written 1848] wherin he states "My father's name is Thomas, my
grandfather was Abraham, the name of my own. My grandfather went from
Rockingham County in Virginia, to Kentucky, about 1782 and two years
afterwards was killed by the indians. We have a vague tradition, that my
grandfather went from Pa. to Virginia and that he was a Quaker. Further than
that I have never heard any thing. It may do no harm to say that Abraham and
Mordecai are common names in our family. " The Enloe theory has no valid
evidence and should not be entertained any longer , and certainly if
Abraham believed his family line so then should we.

Dan Jenkins

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