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Subject: Re: [DNA] Good stuff on the internet
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2005 13:59:18 EDT

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So far, I haven't found even one such a group in the real world or on the

The WEBB project has a stated goal of trying to clear up the old myths.
While we have a lot of struggles -- like people clinging to the idea that a
published genealogy HAS to be right. -- one example if of a line which is NOW
being done the right way can be seen at Bob Keyes site on the John Webb/Mary
Boone line.

Our project genealogies are password protected. There are three ways to gain
access to the area in which these are posted.

1. Be a participant or the primary researcher (i.e., my cousin's mother
paid for his kit so she and he both have access to his results)
2. Donate an impressive body of research to the Project (usually 30+
years) which is sourced, footnoted etc -- looking like Bob Keyes work in other
words. many of these researchers are serving as informal "senior group
genealogist" -- that is they more or less coordinate the research brought in by
members of a group DNA has shown to be related, organize it and post it on a
website or in a yahoo group or on the Project website.
3. donate $50 or more to the Scholarship Fund. This pretty much keeps
those who want to take without sharing what they have and those who aren't
serious researchers (purveyors of undocumented GEDCOMS, often without even dates or
locations) out of our hair. Serious researchers pony up a donation pretty


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