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Subject: RE: [DNA] FTDNA Genetic Distance Calculations & Assignment to Family Groups
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2005 13:56:45 -0500
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You lost me here.. What software changes were made to either
decrease, or increase, the genetic distance..

What finding from the NGS GENOGRAPHIC DNA results caused the
genetic distance calculation to be changed (and why)?.

I have not seen any (NGS probably has not released a media
statement yet on their findings), so perhaps Max or Bennett
can update us with some facts...


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Subject: Re: [DNA] FTDNA Genetic Distance Calculations & Assignment to
Family Groups

Regarding my page:

Sunday, July 31, 2005 2:42 PM

> . . . . FTDNA . . . "Interpreting Genetic Distance" guidelines. I had
> mentally interpreted the guidelines as referring to the step-wise
> difference, and now that I read the page with an eye to this distinction,
> I am more confused than ever. [examples provided]

I talked to the programmer again this morning (he is "kit #9" - that's how
long he's been there). I wanted to make sure I had not misunderstood
something and - Yes - the guidelines now use the infinite allele model (and
that was not always the case; it was revised a few months ago). The
descriptions on the page ARE confusing - and I told him I would send FTDNA
some suggested revisions - namely, don't refer to 'points' and locations -
use locations. I have not looked at the links to the guidelines for 12 and
37 markers but may also benefit from some wording changes.

> This could be related to the recent observation that YSearch appears to
> have changed over to the infinite allele model.

Programmer confirmed they had changed Ysearch to the infinite allele model.
Apparently the changes were prompted by the large volume of 12 marker tests
now in the database because of the Genographic project transfers. I deleted
my copies of posts to the thread about apparent Ysearch changes - if
someone on the list here still has them, please post to that thread that
FTDNA did confirm that change had been made. (Note: If someone disagrees
with FTDNA's decisions, please follow up with FTDNA and/or use that other

> Tiny typo -- you wrote "participants much change" instead of "participants
> must change."

Thanks - fixed it but not uploaded it yet.

> You mentioned the extra work it takes to figure out a grouping based on
> the infinite allele model. Perhaps we need a poll on whether group
> administrators are actually using the "Interpreting Genetic Distance
> Guidelines" -- with the infinite allele model or the step-wise model.

Maybe I'll start such a thread - would work well with the "criteria"
article/screed suggested by Anne. Maybe I'll do that next week.
Also was told that FTDNA will add the inf. allele method distance on the GAP
page - and admins can decide how relevant they think it is when assigning
participants to family groups.

I may make a few revisions to my web page to clarify a couple of things and
will post the link again here when that is done.

Georgia Kinney Bopp

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