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From: "Michael Crocker" <>
Subject: Labelling table cells with marker name
Date: Mon, 8 Aug 2005 19:32:34 -0400
References: <01f701c59c43$ccfef510$71509045@Ken1>

There's a trivial solution if page authors will use it.

Table Data cells are labelled with <TD> ... </TD> tags.
Add a title attribute to each one with the marker name.
e.g.: <TD TITLE="389i">13</TD>
Do this for each marker as a template haplotype without data,
then copy the template and enter marker values as each new
result comes back.

With this, when your mouse hovers over the cell, the marker name will show in status bar and/or a tooltip. (It even works in Windows when the page is not in the window in focus.)

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