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Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2005 19:30:50 +0100
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thanks - I think there is a strong likelihood that Roberta's cousin would
also be K2, even though you are some distance away from each other.

Interesting that K2 seems to be one group where DYS454 is different from the
11 found almost universally elsewhere (at least in groups common in Europe).
All the likely K2s I found on ysearch have 12 or 13. I think the 12/13
distinction is a deep one as there is a correlation with DYS464 - the 12s
have a 11-11-15-16 pattern (with 1 step variants 10-11-15-16 and
11-11-15-15) whereas the 13s have a 11-13-16-16 or 11-14-16-16 pattern.
Roberta's cousin is a DYS454=12 and you are a DYS454=13. This is based on a
handful of results on ysearch - could anyone with a large downloaded files
from other sources confirm this is correct?

As you have a full 42 marker set of results and a positive SNP test, are you
considering any of the new DNA-Fingerprint markers as a next step?


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> Gareth; Roberta;
> FTDNA tested (and confirmed) me for K2/M70+ within the last couple of
> Carlisle Knowlton
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> Roberta
> the results are not quite right in ysearch, the 10 for DYS391 is in DYS19b
> and the 14 for DYS385a is duplicated in DYS391
> Entries on ysearch shown as haplogroup K2 do show some similarities
> (particularly the 14,16 at DYS385), they are from a variety of locations
> Europe from Spain to the Ukraine. DYS464 = 11,11,15,16 seems to be a
> pattern which is one step from your cousin's 10,11,15,16.
> I don't know whether FTDNA would test for M70 if you ordered a SNP test.
> I think Ethnoancestry could do this under its "Custom Test" product.
> Gareth

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