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From: Thomas Krahn <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Info on Extended 464 test.
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 02:38:35 +0200
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Eldon (and all others interested in DYS464X),

I have written a short information page about DYS464X:

If there are too many errors in my English, please correct me!
DYS464X has proven to give some interesting results in conjunction with
DYF399S1, but be careful with the markers from the palindromic regions,
because they could reveal medical relevant information (e.g. infertility
issues)! Don't order them, if you're not absolutely aware of what you
might expect as a result.


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David Wilson wrote:

>I'm not aware of a single place to go to find out about 464-x distribution.
>If you go the 2005 list archives and search for "KRAHN" and "464", you will
>probably be able to piece together everything there is to know.
>In general, Thomas Krahn devised a modified primer that allows him to
>distinguish between "c-type" and "g-type" copies of the 464 marker. In all
>haplogroups except R1b, all 464 copies appear to be g-type, so additional
>testing won't convey any new information. In R1b, one copy appears to be
>g-type and three copies appear to be c-type. Thomas has reported that in R1b
>the single g-type copy appears consistently to represent one of the larger
>alleles in any set of 464 results.
>The benefit within R1b is that the g-type 464 value is associated with an
>identifiable separate single-copy STR that can be compared directly to the
>g-type STR in any other R1b haplotype. The remaining c-types constitute what
>becomes in essence a three-copy marker.
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>From: Eldon Wade [mailto:]
>Sent: Sunday, September 25, 2005 11:01 AM
>Subject: [DNA] Info on Extended 464 test.
>Could someone please direct me to any material that discusses interpreting
>the test results of the extended 464 test offered by DNAFP?
>I have of course been to the DNAFP web site but I can find no details (other
>than the price) about this test.
>Has anyone on the list compiled info on the extended 464 test?
>Thank you,

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