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From: Doug McDonald <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] STR mutation rates
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2005 14:18:23 -0500
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charles wrote:

> Ann:
> I encourage all project admins who have the data for a group of people
> for whom they know the most recent common male ancestor to submit
> their data to my log. As to bias, several have submitted small
> clusters. John Chandler recently submitted a whole bunch of small
> projects. A lot of those have zero mutations. All are welcome. The
> data will speak for itself. I think we'll need a hundred or more
> surname projects before anything meaningful can be deduced. I
> encourage you to submit yours.

I think that because of the bias issue, you should either include only
results with 25 or more markers
(even for only the first panel) or should label the first panel results
as "measured only 12" or
"measured 25 or more".

Doug McDonald

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