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Subject: Re: [DNA] STR mutation rates
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 19:53:52 EDT

In a message dated 09/29/05 2:00:37 PM Pacific Daylight Time,

> Ann wrote:
> >As for the overall rate in the log, I haven't uploaded my data, mainly
> >because I have a rather small number of transmission events in my known
> pedigrees.
> >However, there are no mutations, and if others are behaving like me, that
> would
> >bias the log toward a higher rate.
> The obvious reply is: well, then, go ahead and upload your data.

But... isn't the purpose of Charles' log to assemble data about *differences*
in mutation rates between various Y-lines? A few transmission events isn't
going to be sufficient to make any statements about that. Has anyone figured out
how many transmission events would be required to reach a level of
significance if say the observed mutation rate were 50% higher or lower than average?

Ann Turner

Ann Turner

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