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From: "Whit Athey" <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] Any More M284 (I1c1) Results?
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 17:30:53 -0400
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Ken, my project has two more I1c participants, both "continental" types,
awaiting M284 results from EA. I'll let you know when the results come in.


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Sent: Wednesday, October 12, 2005 10:19 AM
Subject: [DNA] Any More M284 (I1c1) Results?

There is still apparently a batch of SNP results from Ethnoancestry which
will be coming out in the next days. I would be interested in any (I1c1)
M284 results for I1c haplotypes which have not yet been shared . So far I
have been told of one "Isles" I1c which is M284+ and therefore I1c1, and one
"Roots" I1c which is M284- and therefore I1c*. I have not heard from anyone
who is "Northern or Southern Continental" I1c? This is by far the most
populous form of I1c. The easiest interpretation of that of this kind found
in the British Isles is that Scandinavians and AngloSaxons brought it with
them, as this form is found in good amounts back in those locations. We do
have the evidence that Rootsi et al who sampled Scandinavia and Eastern and
Southern Europe well (but Germany and Netherlands weakly) found none of
their M223+ (I1c) haplotypes also positive for M284. (I think they tested a
couple dozen or so for M284, but maybe only 1 or 2 from NW Europe?).

It would be good if people on the list could finish the job of mapping out
both which types of I1c are positive for M284 (I1c1) and which are negative.
Please consider a M284 SNP test (if you are I1c motif) if you have not
already done so, and please share your results.

Iberian I1c are also of interest in this respect. The original M284+
haplotype I was given to measure extended haplotype came from an Iberian dna
samples bank. The donor lists his four grandparents as all being "Basque".
This could be relevant to our search for where on the continent did the
"Isles" I1c1 people originate from? It would help to have a good French
database, but we do the best right now without it. Did "Isles" I1c1 get to
the British Isles more directly from the south rather than from NW Europe?
A recent paper on Portugese ydna has a database of haplotypes, and there are
5 strong candidates for I1c1 "Isles" type haplotypes. I have asked the
author of that paper to have them typed for M284 (either on their dime or
mine); no answer yet but I will keep I1c people posted about this possible

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