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From: Thomas Krahn <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Autosomal DNA /yDNA/ Question..
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 02:11:46 +0100
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Dear Nelda,

There are quite a few markers, that are present on the X chromosome that
have parallel markers on the Y chromosome, but I have never heard about
a Y-STR marker that can be found on an autosomal chromosome, too.
(allthough I wouldn't exclude the existence completely)

A marker that is sometimes used for X & Y typing is DXYS156 [1]. This
marker is useful, because in most cases (nearly 100%) the Y allele is
larger than the X allele and can be distinguished this way. DYS413 has
also complimentary markers on the X-chromosome. But all other YSTR
markers that are used for DNA genealogy and forensics are unique at the
Y chromosome. That's why your idea will most probably not work until
XYSTR markers will be introduced into genealogical databases.

With autosomals this will definitely not work, sorry. The only hope
might be XSTR in several years. Maybe by then we know more about X/Y
transchromosomal recombinations that will let us trace Y-haplogroups on
the X chromosome.


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Nelda Percival wrote:

> Hi,
> My mind needs some clarification and the reasons why not or if it is
> possible.
> Autosomal DNA is used for the typical paternity tests, We get this
> randomly assorted merged set of chromosomes from our mother and father.
> Question? Are the markers in Y-DNA the same as the Markers used in atDNA?
> What I'm trying to phrase is although the female does not get the Y
> chromosomes, wouldn't the male markers in the atDNA identify a female
> to a particular lineage, such as a name study.
> Would the distance from the genealogical (paper trail) proven male
> surname. Be harder to find in a female's atDNA study?
> Ok phrasing differently: now Geneaology...
> We have a male lets use name Beatty #2 who descends from known (paper
> trail) ancestor, Beatty #1. WE have a female who descends from the
> same known paper trail Beatty. But by two different sons of Beatty
> #1.. Could her atDNA study be used to connect to his Beatty #2 yDNA
> study?
> Nelda

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