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Thanks to all who responded to my question about my friend's possible
descent from a white slave owner. I'll pass your comments on and no doubt
they help my friend make a decision as to whether or not to be tested either
doing a DNA - Print or the Y - DNA test. Personally, if it were up to me I
wouldn't be able to resist and I would have a male family tested to possibly
shed some light on the situation!

As far as I tell, the family's genealogical record trail does trace back to
the 1790 census without a hitch corresponding to the family's account of
what took place right down to the exact location and some of the names of
family members. Unfortunately, the slave owner was a "single man" who lived
with his spinster sister so there may not be a European ancestor to use as a

Thanks again.

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Does anyone know if testing a black male to determine if he was a descendant
of a white slave owner in the late 1700s of any use. In other words, would
European ancestry, in this case from Wales, show up in a present day black
male if he were tested for Y-DNA?



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