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Subject: H Haplo?
Date: Fri, 04 Nov 2005 14:38:33 +0000

Hi everyone, I am new to the list.

I am a confirmed snp H haplo (Y gene test). My research has led me to believe my Lock's were from England 1600's, but no proof as of yet.

I am looking for more origins for H's, some say H is likely to be Franks.

Myself, my son and a 11th generation cousin have been tested and we all show the same mutations and one sticks out to me that I find strange. We all 3 show a
C3 on the 4th mutation in our halpo results. FTDNA says that is USA Native American, while others are saying C3 is German. Can anyone give me some history on C3?

Am I assuming to much in thinking that if myself and my 11th generation distance cousin show this C3 mutation, that the C3 comes in play prior to the generation(s) me and my cousin are related?

Thanks, and be easy on the rookie! :)

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