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From: William L Harvey <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Genographic Project SNP results
Date: Fri, 04 Nov 2005 10:12:57 -0800
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I'll give this a try as I was part of a thread about a month ago
discussing this :

As an Administrator -

your public website provided by FTDNA shows SNP defined haplogroups in
*black text* - all non-SNP defined haplogroups show as "black text dashes".

when, as an administrator, you click on "generate Y-DNA Results for copy
& paste" the resultant participant table indicates SNP defined
haplogroups in *green text"; predicted/estimated haplogroups in *red
text*; and non-predicted/non-specified as *black text dashes*.

A further confusing condition is that the many privately constructed
Y-DNA result tables do not follow any set pattern for haplogroup display.

Hope this is clearer than mud.

Bill Harvey

> I am confused because everyone else seems to be confused. The Y-DNA Results
> chart for my group only displays (in green) those haplogroups that have been
> SNP tested. It use to show (in red) those haplogroups that were estimated. I
> don't know why it changed.
> The individual member page for a genographic members is no different that for
> a regular FTDNA customer. Under the haplogroup tab it gives the estimated
> haplogroup and offers a SNP test or it shows the results of the SNP test. Are
> other group administrators seeing something different?
> Chris
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