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From: Nancy Grossman <>
Subject: Re: Genographic Project SNP results
Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2005 14:42:13 -0600 (GMT-06:00)


>I read at Genographic project that is necessary they perform a SNP test to
get results for haplogroup assignment. There are several situations here I would
like to know how to interpret.

>If a person is first tested at Genographic project and he gets his haplogroup
shown on his personal page how does he know if SNP test was actually


I have a similar situation. My father had a 12 marker test done by FTDNA. He is an Ashkenazi Jew and his earliest known male ancestor was from somewhere near the Polish Lithuanian border. The family also lived in the Ukraine.

Another Ashkenazi Jew with ancestors from Munich, Germany matched him on all 12 markers. He is the only one of my father's matches who had an SNP test done, and it was determined that he was R1*. I tried to find out which SNP's FTDNA tested, and although FTDNA responded to my inquiry, they failed to answer this question.

I uploaded my father's results to the Genographic project. Within 24 hours my father had a personal page on their website showing that he was R1b. How could they know this so fast? Can they test it that fast, did they predict it from his haplotype, or was it tested in advance by FTDNA for some other reason?

If my father is indeed R1b and not R1* as I had previously assumed, I would imagine that the Ashkenazi Jew from Munich is also an R1b. I think there were some postings here to the effect that the SNP for determining R1b did not always show up positive on the earlier tests for some of the R1b's. The above-mentioned SNP test was done awhile back.

By the way, my father also has a value of 12 at DYS 393.

I've posted his 12 markers before, but in case anyone is interested they are as follows:


I guess it would be best to ask FTDNA about this, but in the meantime I would be interested in hearing from anyone in the group who may have some ideas or information.


Nancy Grossman Gollner

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