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Subject: Re: [DNA] Genographic Project SNP results
Date: Fri, 04 Nov 2005 23:00:53 +0000

Hi Chris
As far as the chart goes, I did notice the confirmed snp tests and unconfirmed snp colors red and green are gone and replaced in black. And only confirmed tests are listed now, when before even the estimated were listed.
Actually, I thought the confirmed was posted in Red, and the estimated was in Green if I am not mistaken?
So yes, some changes have been made for what ever their reason is. I don't worry about it as I built my own page and use my own 37 marker chart to keep track of it all.
I take it you do not have a web site of your own to keep track of your project stats? I did my own web pages for no other reason then I have full control over the content and looks.

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> I am confused because everyone else seems to be confused. The Y-DNA Results
> chart for my group only displays (in green) those haplogroups that have been
> SNP tested. It use to show (in red) those haplogroups that were estimated. I
> don't know why it changed.
> The individual member page for a genographic members is no different that for
> a regular FTDNA customer. Under the haplogroup tab it gives the estimated
> haplogroup and offers a SNP test or it shows the results of the SNP test. Are
> other group administrators seeing something different?
> Chris
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