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Subject: Re: [DNA] H Haplo?
Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2005 23:07:46 -0000
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thanks for posting your queries to the list. Your haplotype matches very
closely the Gypsy haplotypes in the following article:
As you have been told, H is rare amongst people of western European origin.
Men in this haplogroup who have been tested for more than 12 markers are
very rare, so I hope you will be able to upgrade to 25 or even 37 markers
sometime in the future. As Ken said, H is a close cousin of I, but no one
really knows yet how close or precisely how G,H,I,J and K relate to each
other. With enough data we might get more of an idea of ancestral values at
the points at which these groups split from each other.

Best wishes


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> Thanks everyone for taking the time to help me :)
> I did consult Bennett Greenspan on this and he said H was rare in
England, but that they were there. My Haplo does show strong matches to
India and that is a hard thing to explain to the cousins as we are no doubt
English and appear English in looks. But, the colonial family living in
India may sort of explain it maybe.
> I know haplo origin goes way farther back then what I have traced, but I
have traced back to the late 1600's in Maryland USA and 2 books make
reference saying my immigrant ancestor was of English Parentage. So I know
as of the 1600's we were English lol, long before that it appears we were in
or around India I guess.
> Anyway, thank you all, I will hit the books and watch this list and LEARN!
> Don

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