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Subject: RE: [DNA] Genographic Project SNP results
Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2005 20:02:38 -0500
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As of seconds ago the tested are still in green and the predicted in red.
The same applies to the geno project imports where the only difference in
the N at front of kit number.


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Bill and Chris,

I am a new project administrator using right now strictly FTDNA's
automated spreadsheet. I see what Bill is saying as I now have 5 Genographic

project members. One of them shows a black haplogroup entry and all the
others show
dashes. Similarly for the FTDNA generated results I see one black haplogroup

designation entry and all the rest have dashes.
So apparently what I am seeing is the result of two actual SNP tests-

shown in black -- one at Genographic project and one at FTDNA and by using
FTDNA's strictly automated spreadsheet the estimated ones do not show up. To
some additional haplogroups shown I will have to use the "generate Y-DNA
Results for copy
& paste" admin tool to see the green SNP tested ones and the red estimated
ones and will then still have some with dashes indicating unknown
We plan to develop our own spreadsheet using the same green, red and
nomenclatures and throw in probably additional designations for SNP tests at

other labs. Probably until some standard is developed for that we will note
clearly the SNP test was done at another specific lab. If we elect to show
marker test results by other labs we will develop some method for that. I
guess there isn't yet a standard in spreadshhets to show other lab's marker
results and SNP tests but it seems like it would be nice to have some
standard on
this also..


In a message dated 11/04/2005 1:13:45 PM Eastern Standard Time,

I'll give this a try as I was part of a thread about a month ago
discussing this :

As an Administrator -

your public website provided by FTDNA shows SNP defined haplogroups in
*black text* - all non-SNP defined haplogroups show as "black text dashes".

when, as an administrator, you click on "generate Y-DNA Results for copy
& paste" the resultant participant table indicates SNP defined
haplogroups in *green text"; predicted/estimated haplogroups in *red
text*; and non-predicted/non-specified as *black text dashes*.

A further confusing condition is that the many privately constructed
Y-DNA result tables do not follow any set pattern for haplogroup display.

Hope this is clearer than mud.

Bill Harvey

> I am confused because everyone else seems to be confused. The Y-DNA
> chart for my group only displays (in green) those haplogroups that have
> SNP tested. It use to show (in red) those haplogroups that were estimated.

> don't know why it changed.
> The individual member page for a genographic members is no different that
> a regular FTDNA customer. Under the haplogroup tab it gives the estimated
> haplogroup and offers a SNP test or it shows the results of the SNP test.
> other group administrators seeing something different?
> Chris
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