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From: Robert Stafford <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Verification of JChandler's response
Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2005 08:56:54 -0800 (PST)
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FTDNA will only test you for R1a. That will cost you $65, as I recall. The Marligen multiplex is a much better value.

For only $30-34 more, you can have all subclades in the 2003 tree tested with it. Go to and click on "New Multiplex." Scroll down and you will find all of the subclades tested (for $95.) DNAHeritage ( offers the same test for $99 and shows the markers tested in a tree structure.

You will also receive your results much faster than from FTDNA.

Bob Stafford

John Lerch <> wrote:

PS another question then. If I take them up on their offer to do a SNP, will I be put in R1a, or does that rate they quote mean they will determine subclades R1a1a (b) (c) etc? (As I understand it R1a and R1a1 are the same thing?) I ask since upon expanding my profile from 12 to 36 with Sorenson, it's pretty clear I am probably R1a as only R1a and a few "unknown" come up on unrestricted YSEARCH. Even so, with a minimum genetic distance of 11 on 36 markers, I have to wonder. Especially since that distance measure is linear without the Bessel fcts computed in (or some other iterative function).

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