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From: charles <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Redrawing the YCC Chart + Charles' log
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 22:49:07 -0500
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Since everyone else is silent for the moment and to answer your
question, let me take the liberty of answering that myself. And thanks
for the mention. Yes I'm trying to analyze one aspect of this mutation
rate issue, average YSTR mutation rates from surname project to surname
project. My project does not address YSNP mutation rates and thus would
not apply to the YCC chart at all.

But my YSTR mutation rate project does need more exposure and much more
participation from the various project admins. See my log for details as
to my hypothesis and the project's scope.

I posted a lengthy message previously too in regards to the message
about YSNP mutation rates differing and asking if the same inherited
conditions could affect YSTR mutation rates too. My study project and
log is of course about YSTR average mutation rates observed in surname

Thanks again for your help in mentioning my efforts in this area.

Charles Kerchner, P.E.
Emmaus PA USA

> John Chandler's reply to Bob McClaren:
> Bob wrote:
>>Actually, you need 99,999. I had my grandson tested and we are 37/37
> Ok, but did you have your son tested as well (specifically, the son
> who is the father of your tested grandson)? That would be required
> in such a project.
> John Chandler
> Carol writes:
> I may have an over simplified understanding of his purpose, but isn't Charles Kerschner's Y-STRlog [] attempting to analyze whether some surnames (or perhaps Haplogroups) mutate more often than others?
> Carol Vass
> Kent, WA

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