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Date: Fri, 2 Dec 2005 09:18:45 -0800 (GMT-08:00)

I have added these to the chart which I hope to post soon. --Alice

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Doug, Phil, Sasson and others who have been following this thread:

Here is some further information from Dr. Wilson in relation to the new S22 SNP, but particularly directed to an earlier post of Doug:

"F2 is taken for a SE Asian lineage in Sengupta et al 2005. DE* is the official terminology for the people we published on in Nigeria who are neither D nor E but carry YAP. IJ* should therefore be the name for anyone who is S22 only."

David Faux.

Sasson Margaliot <> wrote:

On Dec 2, Dienekes Pontikos wrote:
> The new haplogroup should be called IJ, but it's not guaranteed that
> such a "clean" solution will be found for all newly discovered
> internal branches. For example, if G and IJ were found to have an even
> older common mutation, then we wouldn't be able to use GJ, because
> this would (erroneously) include H.

According to 2002 document,
if G and IJ were found to have a common mutation,
the new supergroup would be called GJ*(xH).

But already Jobling and Tyler-Smith (2003)
use this notation *without* asterisk, like R(xR1a).

The notation then would be GJ(xH).

Sasson Margaliot

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