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From: (John Chandler)
Subject: Re: [DNA] RE: Are you missing the Geno boat?
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2005 20:23:00 -0500 (EST)
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Bill wrote:
> You are correct...and now we are finding out that 12 is not enough even for
> Haplogroup determination.

You can be a pessimist and focus on the 10% of cases where 12 is not
enough, or you can be an optimist and focus on the 90% where 12 *is*
enough. The fact that it's not 100% does not come as a surprise. We
on this list have heard reports that the success rate of the
Genographic Project haplogroup algorithm is lower than expected, but
it's clear from the participation fee that they were expecting a *very*
high success rate.

> Many of the folks who write in about 12 markers are newbies who are just
> getting their feet wet with this new genealogical tool and we shall get many
> more of these unless the DNA testing companies delete this test from their
> product line in favor of 25, 37, or now the FTDNA 37 + the EA 18.

You really don't get it. Cost *is* a factor in this game. It would
be insane for a testing company to withdraw the clear market leader
from the public.

> And that is a unique observation about the GENOGRAPHIC project. It might as
> well be a clandestine CIA project as we have not heard from Wells or his
> colleagues. Would not if be a shame to perform a 100,000 NRY STR tests at
> the 12 marker level and find out that that was not enough to achieve the
> goals that were set forth....?

The public participation was announced with two goals: to spark public
interest in the scientific portion of the project and to raise a bit of
cash to support same. These goals are both being met very well, thanks.

John Chandler

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