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Subject: Re: [DNA] RE: Are you missing the Geno boat?
Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2005 12:52:47 -0000
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Dennis & List

if you have no 12/12 matches you have a number of options

(a) do nothing and wait for a match to turn up
(b) upgrade to 25 or 37 markers and look for 1 or 2 step mismatches
(perhaps 3 at the 37 marker level)
(c) do some research and use all the resources available (this list,
ysearch, Whit's predictor etc etc) to find out *why* you have no matches -
is it one rogue marker, an odd combination of unusual values, or possibly a
rare haplogroup? Then you can make an informed decision as to whether to
upgrade, search for 10/12 & 11/12 matches, order a SNP test, get a close
relative to test or even consider going back to the company and ask them to
check the results.
It all depends on the individual's resources (time, money) and personal


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Subject: RE: [DNA] RE: Are you missing the Geno boat?

> Hi John,
> All I can say is there are lies, damned lies and statistics!
> Yes I am one of, I suspect, many with NO 12/12 matches.
> And in answer to another post, I think it is a good move to see what
> you get at 12 markers before investing in 25 or 37.
> As I say at the moment I have none, and I will keep my hand in my pocket
> until I do.
> Dennis Wright
> WRIGHT Surname project member.
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> > The figure of 14,886 distinct 12-marker haplotypes tells me that,
> > on average, a person can expect to have 2.5 matches in the
> > database at 12 markers. Of course, there is probably a very
> > skewed distribution of matches, and it may be extremely rare to
> > have 2 or 3 matches, instead of none or 50.
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> >
> > John Chandler

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