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Subject: Re: [DNA] Asian genetic traces in Germans
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2005 18:39:51 EST

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Stout is also an Orkney and Shetland surname and it is imperative to have
info as to where their ancestors originated. I have tested quite a few
Northern Isles Stouts but none are C3.


David according to the Stout Allied family history book they have a good bit
of detail of their early origins and various versions of the surname they
have like Stout and Staudt. A Stout researcher emailed ma about that in fact
three of four now Stout researchers including the project admin. If you look at
te FTDNA surname area you will see two Stout projects one Stout Scottish and
one just Stout. Their history book says one variety of their line comes from
Germany in the exact same area as my line in exact same time period and they
immigrated here exactly the same path as my immigrant did. If you look at
the surname project link below you will see the two C3 Stouts and I match to
two of them 23/25 and that's only place I match to anyone at all close anywhere
in FTDNA, ysearch etc.. period


Ed Martin
P S I am going off the rest of the evening and will read the other emails
when I get back later on Huns C3 , Germany, Mongolians etc...

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